Parts falling off - BAD / Safety wire - GOOD


Parts falling off - BAD / Safety wire - GOOD

By SBBMW Riders on Sep 03, 2005 at 12:00 AM in Riding Tips

Some of you may have read how careless and poluting I was on my last ride. Parts were falling off as I was traveling along highways and byways. Well, I took a few steps to secure the parts so I don't destroy our countryside. Of course, I had to get a replacement pin for my caliper as the stock one went on permanent vacation. The aftermarket one is from Moose Racing. It's made for several different applications.

So, I had to trim it down for my caliper. I drilled a couple of holes, one in the pin and the other in the caliper body. The new pin is longer and has a hex head so no need for the retaining screw that was originally on there. It took off with the pin anyway. After installing the pin, I safety wired it to the caliper. That should eliminate it from backing out. Here's a pic.

Jim Rowley
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