Instagram Setup


Instagram Setup

Here are the instructions to post photos from your phone (you cannot post photos from your computer) to Instagram and our website.



  • Make sure you have visited the App Store for your phone and downloaded the Instagram application

App Store

  • Take a photo with your phone

  • Click the SHARE icon when viewing the photo

Share your photo

  • You will see the Instagram icon as a place to share the photo (remember, from your phone's photo gallery, you can only share one photo at a time to Instagram.  If you select 2 photos to share, the instagram icon will disappear)

  • Click the Instagram icon

select Instagram icon

  • Type in any description you want about the photo, but you must also add the hashtag; #sbbmwriders


  • After you save your post it will immediately be on Instagram.  It will take about 2 minutes to be visible on our website,

  • NOTE: If you want to upload multiple photos at a time, open your Instagram phone application and click the (+) icon at the bottom of your screen and you will see your phone photo gallery.  Just select and post.

upload multiple photos from Instagram app